Sunday, December 16, 2012

Holiday Season

Every year we offer up 2 people for a chance to win a membership to either the LACMA or the MOCA.
Now until the 24th of December when you shop with us you will be entered to win.
We hope you all have a wonderful holiday season.

Because we know we are all busy during this time of the year, we will not be hosting any events.
Instead we will be having a print show during the whole month of December and up until January 5th. 
We will have prints from over 100 artist which will be constantly rotated at the store.

Michael Page// "Odins Protector"// Hand- Embellished Giclee// !4 x 14// Edition: AP/ $150
Michael Page// "Late Night"// Hand Embellished Giclee// 14 x 14// Edition: AP// $150

Evan Hecox// "Liquor Store"// 5 Color Silkscreen// 24 x 36// Edition: AP// $750

Ben Eine// "Oranges"// 19 Color Silkscreen w/Varnish Finish// 28 x 28// Edition of 300// $675

Michael Leon// "Blacklight Butterflies"//5 Color Silkscreen// 23 x 23// Edition of 25// $400
Ben Eine// "Alphabet" series// Single Color Silkscreen, Hand Embellished w/paint, print ink, and varnish. No 2 Prints Alike// 23 x 23// $1,100 each, $2,000 set of two.

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